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Urban Development

Planning, Connecting, and Financing Cities

This report provides policymakers with a policy framework and diagnostic tools to anticipate and implement strategies that can avoid their cities from locking into irreversible physical and social structures.

Industry Specific

Home Delivery Breakthrough

AT Kearney gives insight into the structural hindrances faced within the Home Delivery System (HDS) and the need for HDS integrator that brings together retailers.

Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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Urban Freight

This World Bank report discusses the need for attention towards freight transport in urban economy along with a comparative understanding of freight transport in different countries.

Evolution of e-commerce

This PWC reports estimates that logistics and infrastructure will receive much of the investment flowing into the growing e-commerce sector in India.

Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989

Read the rules to exercise the legislative provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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Indian Smart Cities – Concept Note

The first draft of the concept note on Smart Cities, issued by Ministry of Urban Development, chalks out a rough plan to establish the goal of 100 Smart Cities in India.

Distribution Channels for Consumer Goods

With past, present, and future directions, this paper provides an in-depth look at the strategic role of distribution channels in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry of India.

Rajasthan Motor Vehicles Rules

Stay updated with the rules issued by the transport department of Rajasthan.

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India’s Urban Awakening - Cities & Economy

This report by McKinsey Global Institute provides insights into how India can rip he benefits of its young and rapidly growing population by building inclusive cities.

Collaborative Urban Retail Logistics

This paper by Waest, introduces the idea of horizontal collaboration between retail companies having their own distribution systems with intent of cost reduction to Urban Retail Logistics.

Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Rules

Follow the link to know the motor vehicles rules in Andhra Pradesh.

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